About OSC Accessibility

Nestled in the heart of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we are on a mission to make mobility and accessibility a breeze for everyone in the province. From state-of-the-art wheelchairs to top-of-the-line fall prevention gear, we have got it all covered. Our ultimate goal is to equip our clients with customized solutions that cater to their unique requirements. After all, accessibility is not a cookie-cutter concept, and we take pride in tailoring our offerings to fit your specific needs perfectly.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to OSC Accessibility Specialists Inc, your go-to solution for overcoming mobility barriers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At OSC, we believe that every individual deserves to access any environment without facing limitations or barriers. That’s why we’re committed to providing exceptional service and state-of-the-art mobility and accessibility equipment to our clients. Our client-centric approach drives us to constantly seek out the most innovative, creative, and high-quality solutions, so that we can help you pursue life to its fullest potential.

As a licensed and insured full-service mobility/accessibility vendor, we offer a broad range of services, including mobility servicing and installation. With over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial design, consultation, and construction, we’re the experts in accessible modification, renovation, and construction. Our installation services and barrier-free design solutions are inspired by Universal Design Theory, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the soon-to-be-implemented Accessible Canada Act/Bill C-81.

We would like to express our gratitude for your interest in OSC Accessibility Specialists Inc. We’re excited to partner with you, build lasting relationships, and help you live your life to the fullest.