There are many different wheelchairs with different purposes, different looks and different feels. No matter what you’re looking for, we are here to help you find the wheelchair that is a perfect fit for you.

pricing can be made available upon request.
Paediatric wheelchairs are specifically tailored mobility devices for children who have difficulty walking. These wheelchairs are designed with smaller dimensions and adjustable features to provide comfortable support and increased independence for children with mobility impairments.
Folding wheelchairs are compact and portable mobility devices that can be easily folded for convenient transportation and storage. They provide individuals with limited mobility the flexibility to navigate various environments while offering comfort, stability, and adjustability for optimal support.
Rigid wheelchairs are durable and lightweight mobility devices that offer optimal stability and performance. Built with a solid frame and fixed components, they provide superior maneuverability, energy efficiency, and precise control. Rigid wheelchairs are ideal for active individuals seeking maximum independence and functionality.