Vertical platform lifts.

A VPL (Vertical Platform Lift) is a versatile accessibility solution that allows individuals with mobility challenges to overcome vertical barriers. With a sturdy platform and efficient lifting mechanism, VPLs provide safe and reliable transportation, enabling easy access to different levels of buildings and promoting independence.
pricing can be made available upon request.
serenity vpl
The Serenity VPL is a reliable and efficient vertical platform lift, designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges in accessing different levels of buildings, ensuring convenience.
flexstep vpl
The Flexstep VPL is a versatile vertical platform lift that seamlessly transforms from stairs to a platform, providing accessibility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges.
aliyah vpl
The Aliyah VPL is an advanced vertical platform lift designed to provide safe and reliable access for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring smooth transportation between different levels of buildings.