Through the mountains, in the city, at the mall, at the gym, at work or in your free time, the Triride can improve your life in any or all of these areas. This product is amazing and powerful, check it out today if you are looking for some extra help with your mobility.

pricing can be made available upon request.
the special l14

Superior power, with the motor integrated into the 14-inch rim, the L14 provides maximum performance for the most demanding users. .
Great for tackling demanding situations, such as steeper inclines.
Great versatility and performance, providing a range up to 50km on a flat path.

It is available in different colors on request. The standard equipment can be enriched with various options and many accessories, to enjoy the new life with Triride.


Go beyond all limits with T-Rocks.
Designed to accompany you on the most demanding outdoor excursions. Ideal for OFF-ROAD routes the sense of freedom awaits you.

T-Rocks expands the family with a model with a 16 ″ x4.00 wheel and a new design of the more performing fork.
Born with off-road enthusiasts in mind, the reduced wheel size option combined with the exclusive HT motor it guarantees excellent traction and power to tackle all terrains. Great range with the double battery (optional), included with the latest Triride technology a model focused on the desire for freedom.
HT motor with 1500 watts of power and standard IBS + ICC + EcoDrive package allow total control and complete customisation of performance.

tribike manual

The new Tribike is the manual handbike for those who want to pedal!

Compact and and easy to handle with a smooth cycling experience. Featured with, racing hand pedals and adjustable pedaling position, integrated hub brake and disc brake. It is available in different colors on request.

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