Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah stairlifts offer a range of benefits for individuals with mobility challenges. They provide a safe and convenient way to navigate stairs, promoting independence and allowing individuals to access different levels of their homes with ease. Stannah stairlifts are designed for comfort, reliability, and user-friendly operation, ensuring a smooth and secure ride.
pricing can be made available upon request.
straight staircase lift

A stairlift can give you what you need to get your independence back, and not just for the short-term. Our stairlifts are built to last decades. By buying a stairlift you’re investing in your future and making a choice to stay in your own home for that much longer. You’re also giving your loved ones peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe in your own home.

We can install a stairlift on just about any straight staircase:

  • On either side of the stairs, whichever side it fits best on.
  • On the longest of staircases, so your stairs are well within our limits.
  • Even if you have a radiator or door right at the top or bottom of your stairs, our retractable rail means we can adapt your stairlift to your home.
curved staircase lift

When you buy your stairlift for curved stairs you’re thinking about your wellbeing for years to come. You’re planning for a healthy, active future with added peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Our stairlifts are built to last decades. That’s decades of knowing you’re safe in your own home.

We can install a curved stairlift to almost any set of stairs.

  • Whether your stairs are steep, narrow, long or short
  • Whether they’re made of metal, wood, concrete or tile
  • If there are obstacles like a doorway or radiator on your stairs
  • Even if there isn’t a clear landing at the top or bottom of the stairs
  • If your stairs have a landing in the middle, stretch over different floors or are a spiral staircase

We can make a stairlift to fit your home.

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