Slings play a vital role in supporting individuals with mobility issues. Designed for use with patient lifts, they provide safe and comfortable transfers, assisting caregivers in moving individuals between beds, wheelchairs, and other surfaces while ensuring proper positioning and minimizing the risk of injury.
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Prism Dual Access

The Prism Dual Access Sling with Side Retention Straps is a multi-purpose sling which can be used with either a patient lifting hoist or a stand aid. The Dual Access Sling with Side Retention Straps is suitable for toileting purposes access is provided to be able to remove and refit lower garments during the transfer. This sling features additional side retention straps for those who require extra support or do not have the muscle tone to be able to use a toileting sling. Cut away sections reduce pressure under the arms whilst well-padded leg sections provide extra comfort to the user during transfers. Unrivalled support is achieved via the inclusion of a chest strap which can be adjusted before and during the lift. The chest strap features both VELCRO® Brand fastener and buckle fastening for added security. The Dual Access Sling with Side Retention Straps is available in Polyester material only. Materials Polyester The Dual Access Sling with Side Retention Straps in polyester material is a multi-purpose sling which has been specifically designed for toileting purposes. This sling provides exceptional comfort and support during the transfer. Binding has been left in place on the leg sections in order to minimise stretch which would be unnecessary during the use of this sling.


Mackworth Essentials Sling

The Mackworth Essentials slings represent the greatest value sling option available to the market. The range consists of the two ‘Essential’ slings required for the everyday moving and handling of people in safety and comfort (Universal and Toileting). They benefit from the same rigorous ergonomic design procedures and quality checks as our other trusted Mackworth slings and are constructed from high quality quilted polyester material. We are able to offer these slings to you at a significantly reduced cost as they are stripped down to their essential components to reduce manufacturing complexity.


Prism a320b

The Prism Cressy Sling, designed in conjunction with the Derbyshire Moving & Handling Team, is a general-purpose, full-body sling with integral head support. It offers safety, comfort and optimal positioning to suit a broad range of service users, and has been designed for easy application by the carer. Self-adjusting counterpoise shoulder straps on the Prism Cressy Sling make it suitable for users who are prone to extensor spasms in a sling. The Prism Cressy Sling is available in Small, Medium and Large, and is available in two materials, each providing different benefits to the user

As far as slings go, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have access to numerous slings. Please check out the Prism website to see the full selection of slings we have access to.