Rigid Chairs

A rigid wheelchair is a wheelchair that has frame that is one piece. Rigid wheelchairs are ultralight weight due to their overall design and due to the materials used. There is no cross-brace in a rigid frame wheelchair, which means that the wheelchair does not fold side-to-side.
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ki mobility

Navigate city streets, cruise the backroads or tackle cobblestones. No matter where you go, let Ethos take you there. Ethos delivers unrivaled ride quality and performance packaged in a strikingly sculpted design that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

ki mobility
Rogue 2

The redefined style and superior design of Rogue2 is the perfect balance of performance, functionality and self-expression. Developed to fit any lifestyle, every element of the chair has been enhanced to provide you with an optimal experience, wherever you go.

colours wheelchair

The Colours Saber Wheelchair is a versatile and customizable mobility solution. With its lightweight yet durable construction, ergonomic design, and customizable options, it offers exceptional comfort, maneuverability, and style for individuals seeking a high-performance wheelchair.